gashtasb Mozaffarian


I’m Gashtasb Mozaffarian, a 22 years old developer living in earth
and I'm currently working on Clab Project.
I founding the Ostanes Company (in Jan 2016) before this and quit that in
Feb 2018.

everything was begin in November 2011.i started as intern in my teacher
Company with VB (Visual Basic) programming, and then i moved on to C++
and i was continue that work to 3 year (Dec 2014).
then I interested Web Design. so I learn Php (and laravel) and other Web
Design technology's like js, jq, Css3 and Html5.but now Php is a legacy so
i moved on to NodeJs.

now i work with C++, Qt and NodeJs, React and React Native for my project's.

find and fallow me in: Twitter - Instagram - linkedin - GitHub

contact with me:

tell: +98 939 596 92 11
telegram: @gmozaffarian