My solitary business challenges!

In the few years that I entered the job market, like anyone, I was always involved with a series of small and big challenges, Due to a series of risk issues, I fell sharply, and instead of investing in a bigger job, I decided to start a solitary business, with the other works that I was doing.
The first days, I think about all aspects of my business and I had a solution to all the current problems, but I encountered a permanent challenge “Time Management!” I work with two companies as a developer and at the same time I give advice to some companies in the field of business development based on software engineering solutions, so I need to continually analyze their data and etc…, this caused my own conflicts. I can’t timely schedule and I couldn’t handle my business very well in the first days. One of the solutions was to reduce my workload, but my main earnings were from part-time jobs and advice, and my business was far from being profitable, so I had to go to plan B so you can get more and Work faster and so after a while I’m really tired, especially when I’m not into my personal life! I had to do something, then I thought of using the FreeLancer’s, but managing some freelance and dealing with their tasks … It took me a lot more time than doing things myself, the result was that after thinking a bit “Peace be upon slavery.” I needed slaves to work without my involvement and not to take any money !! What better bets than robots ??
The first step was to write my own tasks, I had to list my tasks and choose those that the bots could do, and I would send to the bots. And so that was not an empty challenge!

Give your business to bots!

My tasks are as follows:

Among all these tasks, the most cost-effective time was managing social networks, importing products, pricing products, marketing, writing blog articles, and watermaking pictures.
Of my good luck, I would have been putting more of these time-consuming tasks into the hands of the bots. For example, to manage social networks, i use “WP Twitter Auto Publish plugin” for sending tweets and “ Auto-Post WordPress To Instagram” for send post’s to Instagram and use “Image Watermark” plugin for watermarking images! Using these plugin’s, I just needed to add a few posts every single night to the site and schedule them to be published the next day at a specific time and publish their on Instagram and Twitter automatically simultaneously or with the time set by me. ! This has speeded up my work! But my tasks were not just that.
My solitary business is the seller of foreign store products. That is, the products I enter into my site have already been published in foreign stores! So I decided to write a robot to import the products from the foreign stores into my store, so that the robot, based on the categories and filters I chose, chose a number of products and entered their data completely and I only I’m publishing them with a brief editing! I also wrote a robot for pricing, which, based on fluctuations in the price of the dollar in Iran, changes the price of products automatically and no longer needs to be calculated and done by me! I use a robot like most other stores to increase the follower’s, and I use both likeness and comment robots to increase interactions with the follower’s, but my robot has a big difference with other robots, ordinary robots, all of whom use them, minus a specific text under all the photos. And it might be written under the photo of the dead father of a person, “Wow beautiful photo to my head!” This comment not only does not have a positive effect, which has a negative effect! The difference between my robot and the other robots available in the robot’s power of autonomy! So that the robot analyzes the photo you’re looking at and finds out what’s in that photo and what it looks like in a photo! For example, if a dog looks like a dog: “You have a beautiful dog (user name), head to page. Good luck for our dog.” I used the YOLO library to develop this robot, which is one of the best image processing libraries!
So far, I am able to give more than 60% of the work to bot’s, and I think I will be able to get up to 90% !

writer: Gashtasb Mozaffarian | date: 2018 Sep 11