brainstorming: Individual vs Group

brainstorming: Individual vs Group

Individual brainstorming

Several studies have shown that individual brainstorming generates more (and often better) ideas than group brainstorming.

This may be because groups do not strictly follow the rules of brainstorming. Too often, some people turn their full attention to the ideas of others and do not come up with an idea themselves, or forget their idea until it is their turn to speak, which is called blocking.

But when you are brainstorming alone, without worrying about personal interests or the opinions of others; You can think more freely and creatively.

Individual brainstorming works when you need a list of ideas to solve simple or general problems. But to solve complex problems, it is better to use group brainstorming.

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Group brainstorming

In this type of brainstorming, you can use the full experience and creativity of all team members; When one member gets stuck in their idea, another member’s creativity and experience can help bring the idea to the next level. With group brainstorming, you can develop your ideas in more depth than individual brainstorming.

Another advantage of group brainstorming is that it gives all team members the feeling that they have been involved in solving the problem and also reminds them that others can come up with creative ideas.

Of course, group brainstorming also has its drawbacks. For example, some unusual ideas may seem worthless at first; This is where you need to manage the meeting so that the group members do not crush these ideas and stifle the creativity of the group. If possible, participants should be from different disciplines and specialties. This can make the meeting more creative. Of course, be careful not to overgrow the group: like other group work, groups of five to seven usually have the most impact in brainstorming sessions.

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