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It's not all of my works, but it's a good face of my carrir.
For me, quality is always more important than quantity!
work less but for best's...

General Questions

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What technologies do you use for your projects?

I believe we are working for the future, so I use the latest tools and technologies to develop my projects; But I have to point out that despite this, I always use the most stable ones, pay attention to the features that the project needs in the future, and choose stable technologies.

Why should a team work with you?

I'm a simple software developer. Like all other developers, the only thing that makes a team want to work with me is the feeling of need. Like all other jobs. When a team needs skills, it chooses the right person. If my skills are suitable for your team, it is a good reason for us to cooperate!

What are your plans for the next 5 years?

Progress, progress and progress again for myself, my friends and the team I work for!

How many words can you describe yourself in?

Ethics and expertise, these two words are the role model of my life. I am not saying that I am the most moral and expert, but I am saying that I try to be ethical in dealing with others and always increase my expertise to create more value!

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